Artificial Synthetic Grass Fields

Artificial Synthetic Grass Fields are artificial lawn being replaced for conventional natural lawns. Artificial Synthetic Grass Fields gives the feeling of natural grass. It remains green throughout the year. Artificial Synthetic Grass Fields is better than natural grass because it do not need mowing, weeding, irrigation and pest control that is usually needed to maintain natural lawn or grass. We are providing Artificial Synthetic Grass Fields for Hockey and Football Fields from Agra, U.P. (India). Growing and maintaining natural grass becomes difficult in certain places where there is scarcity of water and adverse climatic conditions. But with Artificial Synthetic Grass Fields, it can be installed on almost all surfaces and can resist any weather condition. Artificial Synthetic Grass Fields are no maintenance solution for many applications in commercial as well as domestic sectors.

Sand Based Artificial Grass

Lakshmi Sports’ offers a variety of Sand Based Artificial Grass. The products demand very low maintenance and have a lengthy life span. The grass is made of yarns which are UV resistant and are soft to touch and feel. It will even fool your pets. The advantages of having our Sand Based Artificial Grass installed in your lawn are:

  • • Feels and looks like Natural Grass
  • • Very little maintenance
  • • Can be installed indoors as well as outdoors
  • • Safe for Children and Pets
  • • Long life span and remains green throughout the year

Water Based Artificial Grass

Water Based Artificial Grass have the FIH Global classification for Olympic and international tournaments. The Water Based Artificial Grass must have an applied water layer before it is used and irrigation is achieved by pop up sprinklers or water cannons. Although more expensive than sand filled systems, a water Based Artificial Grass provides the best performance and safety characteristics available in the modern game.

The water layer in the Water Based Artificial Grass has LSR (low slide resistance) and shock absorbance properties for excellent player safety. The water also has a cooling effect and provides a protective layer between players and the pitch. For additional safety, Water Based Artificial Grass are fitted with a dynamic shock pad which places less stress on the player’s muscles and joints.

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